5 Star Signature Spa Training by Pinks Boutique


Online Courses & Practical Assessments

Do you want to deliver the best treatments possible? We know you are making good choices for your beginners courses and want to support you to take that to another level. 

These 5* Signature Spa Courses are for those of you who want to deliver exquisite spa level treatments and services with full client journey where ever you work from. There is so much more to spa than steam rooms and pools and we genuinely believe you can deliver incredible level treatments as a mobile therapists, home or smaller salon. 

However, spa level treatments are different as training is delivered by the skincare brands and not training colleges. They add the details, special touches and movements from all over the world. 

We have teamed up with Pinks Boutique Luxe Organic Spa Skincare to enable our therapists to gain access to this knowledge even if they do not work within spas. These are all post graduate courses and are delivered online so you can start immediately. You will come back to the school to perform the treatment in a practise assessment session to ensure you are confident in the delivery.

Your Organic Spa Journey Begins Here

Brand Enlightenment Video (Free)


Spa Facial

5 Star Spa Facial Beauty Training Course

Spa Body

5 Star Spa Body Treatment Training Course

Stretch & Align Massage

Stretch & Align Spa Massage Training Course

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

5 Star Spa Manicure & Pedicure Training Course


Ready to deliver world class treatments and the best client care you can? If you are launching a spa, opening a salon or therapies business your biggest challenge at launch is the over crowded competitive market place. You are competing against lots of salons, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to be willing to go where your competitors are not willing to. Let us support you to do this and provide you with ongoing inspiration.

Pinks Boutique Brand Enlightenment

The Brand and how to sell the Pinks Boutique Dream

This is the first video you MUST watch when you start your Pinks Boutique training. Use your School Book manual to accompany this.

Whichever training modules you are doing this should be the starter video!

This training covers everything you need to know about Pinks Boutique as a brand, how it began and how to explain it to your clients.

- Why we launched, Kirstie and Luke's (Founders) backgrounds and how this all happened

- What the core concept for the brand is for the spas and therapists

- Language and explanations and how you need to explain this to clients.

Organic Foot Ritual Training

Organic Foot Ritual by Pinks Boutique

The beautiful theatrical 15 minute foot ritual that can go in front of any of your treatments.

The art of the perfect foot ritual should never be underestimated. They enable you to immediately:

- Wow your client as they enter the room as the set up is so beautiful.

- Make them fall in love with your touch as soon as you press their feet into the base of the bowl.

- Give you consultation time during the soak to get to know the client and really find out more about their concerns.

- Sell your ethos and messages to the client without it being obvious.

- By changing foilage, flowers, herbs and fruits you can adapt these to client needs, seasons or just to keep it changing for regular clients.

- They give you time to explain and really sell product also.

Every treatment would have one if we had our way!!


1. Foot Ritual Lecture

Foot Ritual Set-Up

Foot Ritual Set-up - The How to Guide

A full Pinks Boutique guide on how to make the perfect foot ritual area to ensure your clients fall in love with you and your treatments.