About Mimm Organics

Made With Love & Respect for Nature, our products are formulated with only the finest natural and organic ingredients, and with true care and respect for our environment.

Only the purest cosmetic-grade minerals are used 

to ensure happy, healthy skin.

mimm is free from Ferric Ferrocyanide, animal products, artificial dyes, FD&C colours, talc, carmine 

(also known as cochineal), bismuth oxychloride, mineral oil (and its derivatives) and paraben preservatives.

At mimm we believe that cosmetics should contribute to the healing and health 

of our skin, and not only to be perceived as a daily cover up. If cosmetics are going to be a part of our daily skin care then it has to be beneficial, just like food is to our bodies.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Which means 'No Animal Testing' or Ingredients.

mimm  is about being beautiful inside and out, and by this we mean being  compassionate, 

and formulating cosmetics without animal exploitation. 

We  are proud to say that mimm cosmetics are formulated without the use of  animal testing, and you can stay safe in the knowledge that cute furry  animals will stay just as they are meant to be, ‘cute and furry.’