Spa Facial

Signature, Eco Chic & Anti-Ageing Spa Facials

This detailed facial training will enable you to offer your clients a wide range of facials.

1. Signature facial - a foot ritual and 1hr 30 minute facial starting on the back of the body. It is a hybrid treatment which leaves your client feeling like they have had a body massage but, having also had an amazing facial.

2. Anti Age facial- with natural face lifting massage

3. 60 minute facial - built to surpass a normal salon 60 minute facial.

The Signature Facial Training covers all the:- Opening theory

- Facial concepts

- Product and treatment room set up

- Full Treatment protocols. 

Therapists will learn:

- The Signature Facial

- Eco Chic 60 minute

- Anti Age 75 minute facial

- 30 minute maintenance facial.


1. The Facials Theory

2. Set-up for Facials

3. The Signature Facial Technique

4. Eco Chic Facial Introduction

5. Eco Chic Facial technique

6. Anti-Age Facial Introduction

7. Anti-Age Facial massage

8. Anti-Age Facial technique

9. Product set-up for treatment

Qualification: Pinks Boutique Spa Training Attendance Certificate

Course Accreditation: Pinks Boutique Spa Training Certificate

Pre-requisites: Beginners Facial Treatment

Course Type: 5* Spa Facials

Examination: Training centre assessments

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