Stretch & Align

Stretch & Align Body Massage

Everything you need to know about our stretch and align treatment, our stress and tension releasing treatment.

Our newest massage is a mixture of yoga moves, sports massage, Swedish, physio alignment techniques. As the therapists you will work on your client's body using long stretch move-ments and using your body weight to increase maneuverability. Best performed using Bioactive organic sourced Pinks Boutique massage oils rich in anti- oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins.

LONG STROKES - to dispel tension and soothe client, make them feel relaxed and floaty.

JOINING UPPER AND LOWER BODY - with strokes and moves. Your body to do basic functions such as stand and walk does not use one set of muscles or one limb to create the actions. These moves have been made to make the therapist and client understand that your movement is multiple muscle groups and areas working together, it is perhaps odd that therapists don’t do this more. It is also to create an interesting different feel for the client like a 4 hands massage, they don’t quite know where you are or are going, it makes it not obvious like some routines are.

STRETCHING - They are stretches that you would either perform on your own in the gym or their physios would do for them. Each one has it’s own function and if you want to take this learning further we would suggest a sports massage course or sports text book.

MOVEMENT - all physiotherapists will tell you that you want to keep movement in body, lack of exercise and stretching, a sedentary lifestyle makes you less able to move, stretch, touch your toes etc. We are adding in movement to help with this and to make people realise how powerful stretching every night before bed can be.


1. Stretch & Align Practical

Qualification: Pinks Boutique Spa Training Attendance Certificate

Course Accreditation: Pinks Boutique Spa Training Certificate

Pre-requisites: Beginner Body Treatment, Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Safety

Course Type: Spa Massage

Examination: Training centre assessment

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